We published this first post so early due to the fact our site was still in construction and required something to keep it runnig.We officially launched this site eight days after this post.

Our unique character is the way we combine multiple information in a single platform. That’s why we call it a “world with an aura”

This site includes four divisions that combine to form a center of all information in terms of science,technology, social life.

Providing you with analyzed facts,quotes, rankings lists and all the global news.

AIM:-“providing resources for intellectual life. Through knowledge, ideas and support for any who dares to explore”

SLOGAN:learn as if you were to live forever, just to become an intellectual.

MISSION:to empower the young generation by educating through the web for universal development.

DIVISIONS:there are four main divisions in this awesome world AuraF&Q,SAGTV AuratDiscoveries,AuraKonekt.

AuraKonekt and AuratDiscoveries are at the final construction stages.They will be available beginning from June 17 2017. Get ready to enjoy the sagitauraworld blog with these additional categories.

Follow up our programs, detailed information and documentary. You should become an inhabitant of this new kind of world.


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