• As an African youth who has skills,enthusiasm on science and people empowerment. I took blogging as a way to empower other people especially the youth which lack the required resources or otherwise bringing them to publicity.

Started blogging in the mid secondary school days but the major means was through blackboard by writing articles to be read by classmates during preps.

That was where I got my blogging experience though I have realized this recently. From there on the passion for blogging has never ended.

The sagitauraWORLD is more than just a site or blog. It is an arena for vast daring,optimistic and intellectual souls.

We work out very hard not only to improve our services but also you our audience, that we may mutually benefit from being inhabitants of this WORLD.

We offer news updates from science&technology, lifestyle and social life. We also publish engaging content to inspire innovation from young talented minds. We include facts, quotes and global rankings on various fields as our main assets.

After a close follow up of our posts you will discover that there is a supernatural touch in this WORLD


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