There are many threats of mankind survival but the following events If they are to occur now humans and our planet will remain a history that no one would write.

  1. Removal of all the sun’s hydrogen

This event is best termed as the sun’s death. It will happen after all the Hydrogen that combines with Helium atoms to form energy has been all consumed or used. Note that four(4) Hydrogen combines with one(1) Helium atom to give the energy we use throughout the solar system. The left Helium would at last be pulled by gravity making it will compact causing a supernova. That explosion would cause the sun become a red giant thus swallowing the inner planets including us. At last the sun would be dark,black a dwarf. You don’t have to worry much about this,you still have 5 billion years to see this this incident happen. But what if it miraculously happens now?!

2 Contraction of the universe

According recent science observations and theories the universe is said to be constantly expanding in all directions. But the greatest question that remains unanswered is “will it expand forever?”. Astronomers suggest ” if there is less mass in every region then it will expand forever!”. But If there is enough mass it would contract, this will cause tremendous collision of galaxies and all heavenly bodies including earth. This event would totally destroy planet earth including us. But no concrete proof has been given for this possibility.

3. Distortion or destruction of the earth’s magnetic field.

Just as a bar magnet attracts iron fillings it is the same way the earth’s magnetic fields holds and prevents harmful substances from space to reach our surface by deflecting them. The magnetosphere protects life on earth by trapping powerful radiations from space.It acts as shock absorber,just imagine its absence or destruction. The outcomes would be fatal letting all harmful materials into our atmosphere. Will you be left safe? absolutely no!. “Note that the magnetic north now at Hudson Bay has flip floped many times. It reverses on average once every 500000 years.”

4. Melting all of Antarctica ice

This is the one most vivid and likely to occur. It may be caused by global warming and the rise in atmospheric temperature. The signs of this are shown by high rate of reduction of ice blocks in Antarctica and other ice reserves. It has been estimated if measures of lowing earth temperature are not made,the whole earth would under water by 2050. The sea level of the pacific would rise to tens of meters thus overflowing water would cover all continents. It will be a flood nearly the Biblical Noah flood,washing out all humanity.

5 Eruption of the largest volcano

The largest known volcano on earth mount Kae has been found to contain massive toxic magma underneath posing a daily fear on its eruption. The erupted gases,dust and smoke would be enough to totally block the sun and make the sky black for a considerable time. During that blackout we will lack oxygen&energy thus making us count final breaths on earth. This event is said to be the cause of extinction of the dinosaurs and more than 90% of all the species in the palaezoic era. Would it wipe us too?! Is a question that Will be answered by time.

This post is the phase one (1-5) of the “things that could end your life right now”. They all occur naturally, But the coming post will describe events that are man-made that could destroy earth numbered 6-10.



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