Our valuable planet is rapidly changing leaving behind remarkable irreversible changes and memories some of which we cannot forget.

Some of the most renown include the extinction of animals, global warming,ozone layer depletion to mention but a few.

We keep on wondering how these changes happening to our climate and relief would affect our future.But we don’t know that we are cultivating those changes.

Scientists and environmentalists insist on preserving energy for the future of mankind. They try to answer the most tactical question “what is the fate of mankind on earth?”.

If strict measures are not made to combat the environmental changes, the future will be something we may not want to see.

After some decades due to increased temperature nearly all the Antarctica ice would melt. That would cause a rise in sea level for several more meters making the earth totally under water. This may wipe all of mankind, making us totally forgotten.

The greatest mistake we do as mankind is on the touching anything what we didn’t make. Let’s take a look at the ozone layer which when put on the ground is only 2-3 millimeters thick but on the atmosphere blocks massive tons of rays.

The battle we fight now is on how to remove the millions of harmful carbon atoms from our atmosphere. But no matter the correct solutions we will make it will cost us centuries or decades of daily work to save the ozone layer and at last our planet.

Who may know what the future holds, wish you won’t live to see this happen just for good.


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