This category of the sagitauraworld blog aims at providing you with facts and quotes that are carefully selected to combat daily life circumstances

facts&quotes enable you exercise intellectual life as our main aim.

We also give give facts on 10 leading things,people,places in various fields.

Don’t miss our first public post where we will include facts,quotes and the LISTS. Our information is very reliable and acceptable worldwide.

Facts are categorized into space facts,body facts, future facts, random facts, science facts,history facts, Bible facts,have you heard facts and much more will be given at your convenience.

Quotes are carefully selected from speeches or statements by intellectual personnel who proved to be special in fields like philosophy, politics, science, music and all other fields of art.

A quote may guide your decisions because they are certain to echo throughout your day.

Our quotes may be used in any situation or life event such as marriage, birth,success or failure.

Great men pass on their greatness and share their ideas through quotes. Quotes are an essential  tool for an intellectual life.



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