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Most people love to know what’s trending or making it to the top rankings in various fields,but we may not know where to find them. Looking for proved,researched and well analyzed information about rankings you are at the perfect place.

The aura LISTS will be your reliable source to fulfill your listings needs, Due to its unique capacity of combining lots of different fields,touching every aspect of life in a single platform, this will make your quest for multiple information easier.

We provide accurate timely rankings at a global scale for those who make it to the top positions in their respective field.

We make periodic rankings list based on categories like size,science, technology,profession,wealth,leading,innovations and many others that you will only find here at the LISTS.  

Here is an example of how the LISTS features many items. In every list we give numerical ranks ranging from 5,7,10,15,17 and 20 items. Science related ranks will include 7 articles,political and state related issues include 5 articles,biological and geography related ranks include 15 articles, technology related facts are given in a 10 articles list,lifestyle and other random aspects of daily life will be listed in a 17 or 20 list.

This is just a short excerpt guideline,to get these and hundreds more follow up our posts and get subscribed to receive this services at your door.

1 The 10 best electronic devices i.e smartphones,computers,Virtual Reality headsets,gadgets etc.

  1. The 10 God of speeds on earth
  2. The 20 top billionaires of 21 century
  3. The 17 largest man-made things on our planet
  4. The 15 smallest living things
  5. The 7 giants of the universe.

We provide the rankings or lists periodically in a specified span of time such as,daily,weekly,monthly,3 months,6 months and annually. So do not miss any list


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