Welcome to the sagitauraWORLD blog,here we give you the arena to access the most technolgical, scientifical and entertainment information. This world will give you an all new experience not you have never seen before.The aura in this world provides all the resources you need to become an intellectual.

This world has four categories namely AURA F&Q, SAG-TV, AURAT DISCOVERIES and AURA-KONEKT. These categories  will provide you with, facts and quotes through  AURA F&Q.Receive all videos by the WORLD community and all the videos involved in other categories through SAG-TV.You will find all recent achievemts,experiments and discoveries made in science through AURAT DISCOVERIES.Get all news updates concerning lifestyle,music,sports,politics and much more. Making you  connected  to people by the name of science through AURA-KONEKT.

For full description on our divisions visit the respective page for each. Through

We care to bring you online updates from around the world.Our main aim is to “impart knowledge and empower the young generation” by providing all the relevant resources.Our mission is to create a class of intellectuals ideal for our development. Our motto is a pick from Aura facts by Aristotle learn “learn as if you were to live forever”.If you like to explore,achieve success and learn the sagitauraWORLD is the perfect place.


4 thoughts on “SagitauraWORLD

  1. Great……….

  2. Dats grt, waitng to knoww more thngs from you.

  3. Dats grt, waitng to knoww more thngs from you.

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