‘Konekt’ is a direct translation of connect/together,so this division of sagitauraWORLD is associated with people’s lives. We aim at bringing individuals closer and joined but classified to their peers and areas of interests causing social interaction and sharing of ideas. Here it may act as a media where people discuss innovations or ideas which will inspire success for every individual in this community.

Posts under this category involve direct reader engaging content for a specific audience. These are like the things that happen at a global scale such as diseases,hazards,charity an so much more.

AuraKONEKT provides all sagitauraWORLD news or information,future concepts and discussing other trending stories on the planet. This allows various people to discuss and unite in their areas of interest to stand up for what they think is important and worth protesting for. Read our about page to catch up well with this division’s essence.

The team in this division will participate in social care programs such as aid,special groups support and participating in human rights campaigns.That is the way this WORLD works for ‘for the people’.

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