The AuratDiscoveries is a subdivision of the sagitauraWORLD site. Through it we bring you in contact with the most challenging scientific ideas,newest concepts, technology and technology from all over the world. The SagAura Industries will supervise and implement all the innovations from the sagitauraWORLD organization.

This branch will not only base on the web but also African technology support. Performing science competitions,scholarship through the AuraKonekt division.

SagAura Industries Ltd perfoms research, analysis,working through concepts to manufacture useful, efficient devices and equipment.

Advanced tools and equipments manufactured here are resourceful and highly efficient.

By staying connected to AuratDiscoveries you will get to know which new design is coming and when. Have an easy access of to the SagAura Industries.

AuratDiscoveries is the facilitator to a science&technology Africa. Africa will no longer be adapting western technology, this division will become the continent’s property. We should stand together the time is now.

To note AuratDiscoveries does not discriminate any people. We are universal and we are glad for that policy. Let us all come together regardless of state in this present world condition,”we are all the same species, we are mankind”