Our fate on earth

Our valuable planet is rapidly changing leaving behind remarkable irreversible changes and memories some of which we cannot forget. Some of the most renown include the extinction of animals, global warming,ozone layer depletion to mention but a few. We keep on wondering how these changes happening to our climate and relief would affect our future.But…… Continue reading Our fate on earth


Taking a blogging break

I will participate in the sagitauraworld passively for this few months I’ll be at school finishing up my course. But you should feel comfortable because I’ll have time to post thrice a week. Expect great articles and posts due to the fact that when I end up my courses, I’ll be back with full presence…… Continue reading Taking a blogging break


Why I made WORLD

As an African youth who has skills,enthusiasm on science and people empowerment. I took blogging as a way to empower other people especially the youth which lack the required resources or otherwise bringing them to publicity. Started blogging in the mid secondary school days but the major means was through blackboard by writing articles to…… Continue reading Why I made WORLD